FIND YOUR KIN EVENT: Yoga + Sensory Relaxation Workshop @ The Glasshouse

This is the Kin signature relaxation experience. It will follow a 1hr Yoga practice on Saturday 24th August, the total experience running from 11am-1pm. It will leave you feeling totally refreshed, calm and connected. Not one to be missed!

"The Kin sensory relaxation experience is a powerful blend of hands-on guided relaxation, on our intensely smooth Kin Yoga mats, for a powerful tactile experience, followed by a mindful chocolate meditation. We want you to follow your senses on a delicious and rich, integrated mindful experience.

The senses of touch and taste can often be overlooked, but physical contact is one of the cornerstones of human (particularly child) development, and can be a powerful tool in relaxation and mental health. Our taste and smell connections can help us delve deep into our emotions and memories, and can help us really understand our satiety responses, which can counteract overeating and unhealthy snacking tendencies.

Cacao has been used for millennia in sacred ancient shamanistic rituals, possibly due to the powerful endorphin-releasing effects of the ingredient PEA (the same chemical produced when we fall in love). We will explore further the benefits of chocolate healing, and touch relaxation techniques, including EFT touch-tapping and self-massage". Laura, founder @ Kin, and creator of the Kin sensory relaxation experience.

The profits of all workshops held at the glasshouse this year will go to HCGA charity, and the glasshouse restoration project.

Recommended donation - £22. Click below to reserve your mat, and pay cash on arrival.

ps. You’re welcome to attend either the first Yoga hour, or second relaxation hour in isolation, for a £12 donation.

chocolate meditation

This workshops takes place in the unique urban retreat that is the the glasshouse, Ravenscourt park secret garden. Organically-heated, and filled with fresh air, flowers & birdsong.

Nearest tube Ravenscourt park, and free parking around the park. Go to the fait a maison cafe in the middle of the park (Paddenswick road entrance) and go through the gate to the right of the cafe.