LIVE KIN-D EVENT: Yoga + Relaxation Workshop @ The Glasshouse

Join us at the Glasshouse for a unique workshop on Sat 27th July 2019, from 11am-1pm.

There will be a 1hr Yoga class starting at 11am, (the 11am 1hr class runs all summer too) which will focus on activating the parasympathetic (or “calming“) nervous system. It will be followed with an introduction to mindfulness meditation, and finally a guided Yoga Nidra, aka 'Ýogic sleep' that aims not to put you to sleep, but to shift to an altered state of consciousness that can be even more refreshing and restorative than deep sleep.

Yoga Nidra is becoming more and more popular as we produce more and more research into relaxation techniques and their profound benefits on our physical and mental health. Some people crave the deep relaxation that this practice instills, while other practitioners use the non-judgmental and secure atmosphere that yoga Nidra provides as a window into themselves. There is evidence to support a powerful connection between deep relaxation states and the creative mind, so if you are seeking to fostering your creativity, give it a try!

The profits of all workshops held at the glasshouse this year will go to HCGA charity, and the glasshouse restoration project.

Recommended donation - £22. Click below to reserve your mat, and pay cash on arrival.

The view from the mat @ the glasshouse

The view from the mat @ the glasshouse