When my friend Helena watched youtube videos of people painting their nails, she experienced a strange tingle, like a warm fizzing, making its way down the length of her spine and leaving behind a sense of peace and wholeness. She always knew she could get this feeling, but didn't know why or what it was until around 2009 when ASMR became recognised as a beautiful phenomenon in the wellness world - something that doesn't effect everyone, but can have a profound effect on those it does.

what is ASMR?

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is a special tingling sensation that typically runs down the spine of those susceptible to ASMR stimuli, and is also know as a 'brain-gasm'. There are several things that cause this sensation, most commonly it can be a result of specific sounds - whispering, crinkling. The less common ASMR 'triggers' range from watching seemingly dull inane tasks performed (a la my friend Helena and her nail painting obsession...) or even particular sensations against the skin.

In the ASMR scene, new trends evolve quickly, driven by innovative youtubers, and corporate product-placement ideas. Any trigger that works well for it's fans is endlessly taken up and reperformed — ripped off by different channels for ad dollars — at least until the next trigger takes its spot. One month, cranial nerve exams are in, one month it's form-filling, I once saw a video of a woman eating a (edible) Gucci shoe... It's wild and it's unpredictable.

ASMR yoga

Which is why I was so fascinated when a client of mind told me her ASMR was triggered by stroking her Kin Yoga mat! I have never experienced the ASMR 'brain-gasm' unfortunately, so it was hard for me to understand, but the way this client explained it to me was this;

"The Skinny Yoga mat surface is like a smooth suede, it's soft and firm; this perfect texture somehow. As you stroke it with your fingers, temporary lines are drawn as the little microfibers slide to-and-fro, the way velvet does but more subtle. I'm obsessed with those soft little lines, I draw circles, endless circles that make feel a cosy bubbling up the back of my neck, the perfect accompaniment to my Yoga practice!"

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So there you have it, for all you ASMR Yogis, try it on your Kin Skinny Yoga mat, and see if it works on you!

I'd love to hear if any more of you have experienced the same thing with our mats, please send us a message and let me know your ASMR experiences, it would make my day!

Words by Laura Pearce, Kin founder