By Belle Roberts.

If there’s ever a more perfect time to start practising yoga it’s now. Although any time of the year is great to start, the New Year is a time of new beginnings as we release the past and look forward to the future. With so many ways to practice available to us it can be confusing knowing where and how to begin. Should I practice yoga at home or at a studio? What are the benefits of IRL Yoga, and the benefits of Yoga at home?

I personally started my yoga practice at home as a way to destress, whilst at University. Over the years my practice has switched from at home to studio and from studio to at home, depending on my circumstances and needs. It’s great to switch between the two, to help you decide what you prefer right now we’ve included some benefits and insights below.

Yoga at home benefits

Home Practice

Ultimately practicing yoga at home can save you money, time and energy. It’s yoga on your terms. You get to choose the practice based on your needs at that moment and at what time of day suits you. The increase in online classes now gives us more opportunity than ever to experience different teachers and styles of yoga. With plenty of free classes or trial subscriptions online, you don’t even have to spend any money. Often travelling to a class can be so stressful, by the time we practice yoga we already feel emotionally exhausted. When we practice at home we don’t have to worry about travelling, parking or getting to the class on time. 

Yoga in Yoga studio benefits

Studio Classes

Practicing yoga at a studio is a safe way to build your practice. Guided by a trained teacher, there is no substitute for the support you received from practicing at a studio. The purpose of the teacher is to safely support, assist and improve your alignment and technique. Studio classes can also cultivate a sense of belonging and community, especially if you are a regular. Often for a studio class you have paid to attend and take time out of your day, it’s a lot easier to be present during the whole class and stay for the duration rather than at home.

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Belle Roberts is a wellbeing writer, yoga and meditation teacher. She specialises in supporting individuals to find balance in both their body and mind through wellbeing practices and techniques. IG - Belle.roberts_

Yoga Instructor Belle Roberts