Delivery by Parcelforce next day delivery. There is flat rate of £4.95 for all deliveries. If ordered after 10:30am, delivery may take 2 days. Do send us a message and let us know if you have any requests/directions for the postman.

Christmas delivery: All orders must be placed by the 20th December for Christmas delivery. If you have a last minute request, send us an email and we’ll let you know if there’s any way we can grant you a Christmas miracle.


We currently can only accept returns if the mat is unused, and packaging is undamaged in any way. Damaged packaging will incur a re-packaging fee. All returns postage costs will be at your own expense, and we cannot accept liability for lost or damaged goods. Please contact us if you have any issues with our mats, we’re here to help.

Where are your stockists?

New stockists to be updated soon!

What are your mats made of?

Kin mat - PU + Natural Rubber. SKinny mat - Microfibre + Natural Rubber. See the Mat Guides for an overview of all mat specs, and the technology page to see why they work so well…

Who created the designs for your SKinny mats?

Artists and fashion designers mostly based in the UK, all totally independent, and incredibly talented.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Totally, 100% cardboard and paper packaging only - no plastic!

How do i clean my mat?

We do not recommend using any chemical mat cleaner sprays or sprays with essential oils, as they can actually damage our unique mats (careful with hand cream too). Use an eco dish soap, VERY diluted with water. It really only takes a smidgen of soap, OR lemon/vinegar for a more natural approach in a lot of water. Use a soft non-abrasive sponge or cloth. Cleaning as infrequently as you’re comfortable with to increase your mats longevity.

Are your mats slippy?

Not even slightly. We believe our Kin mats have the best fluid grip on the market. The SKinny mat grip functions superbly in wet (aka sweaty) environments, and some find they take a little more ‘breaking in’ than the Kin mat if you’re not used to this surface.

Are they eco-friendly?

We are planet and fair trade Kin-d! Kin and SKinny mats are made in the most part of natural rubber (sustainable rubber plantations, the tree stays alive and happy as it’s tapped for liquid rubber). We work with manufacturers certified for high quality working conditions and health and safety implementation.

What does the mat come with?

All our mats come with a free comfort carry strap.

What are your wholesale prices?

Contact us for a quote.