Your Yoga Practice, Redefined…

We believe what you practice on matters. The Kin mat isn’t just built for performance... We also wanted to develop something that went deeper, that stimulates one of most powerful senses; touch. Kin and Skinny mats feel great against the skin. You practice on bare hands and feet after all! We want Your practice to be a powerful sensory experience.

Contemporary designs are printed onto the stroke-able top layers of both Kin and SKinny mats. The Kin mat’s smooth surface skin has a sleek almost metallic sheen, and the rich velvet finish of the SKinny mat brings your practice a unique tactile experience.

You'll want to practice on your mat, touch your mat, carry your mat around town and even leave it rolled out at home as part of your home decor. We believe we've made a mat that's not just functional, but enjoyable!

 The ENJOYABLE Yoga mat, for the modern Yogi.