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Touch me...

Built by Yogis, the intensely smooth skin-like surface of your Kin mat gives you a fluid but powerful grip like no other. Featuring our unique tri-layer build for comfort; and wild, bold prints to inspire and redefine your Yoga practice.




The Kin Mat

Our classic mat; smooth & grippy to touch, high performance, perfectly cushioned.

The SKinny Mat

The travel mat; velvet soft touch with inspirational, evocative designs.

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Kin Technology

What you practice on matters. Because if you're wobbly and uncomfortable, you're not focussed on deepening your practice. Built by Yogis for comfort and performance…

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Live Kin-d

We believe in doing something not just selling something, in creating a community not just customers.

Our live Kin-d events provide a platform for like minded Yogis to network with their fellow Kin, and connect with their Yogi tribe. Events are intimate and informal, with wellness, talks, workshops and Yoga (of course). Follow us or sign up to stay in the Kin loop...


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