We know how tricky it is cultivate a good home-workout routine, especially if you're home-schooling, or living with flatmates, or just generally struggling to find the motivation during lockdown.

We've found it really helps our clients and Kindred spirits to create a beautiful 'zen zone' that not only inspires you to get on your fitness or Yoga mat, but also serves to create a new and different house workout 'zone' for you to spend some time in, psychologically giving you the feeling you've been somewhere new!

We consider ourselves experts in beautifying your Yoga practice; one of our founder's motivations was to inspire you to step onto your mat because it's beautiful, and it feels great against the skin. Adding those simple pleasures to your practice, she thinks, makes a huge difference to your Yoga practice (enter our catch phrase - THE ENJOYABLE YOGA MAT, FOR THE MODERN YOGI.

So here's our founder Senior Yoga Teacher Laura Pearce with her top 5 ways to create a beautiful Zen home workout space:


Lovely home workout space

My Kin Halcyon mats on display...


1) Nature. This is the first and most important rule for Zenifying/calmifying your home workout space, and I personally think it works when beautifying any space - add a plant or two AND ideally position yourself with a view out the window (I know some are more lucky with others on viewpoints from their homes, but even a bit of sky is better than nothing). There is so much research that shows nature has a calming, de-stressing effect on the brain, that we seek it out, and our brain even functions more optimally when surrounded by nature. Pot plants are small, but they have a mighty effect on our mind. I like to position at least 2 or 3 pot plants at the top of my Yoga mat, and If you can afford it, 2 or 3 each end.


Beautiful, Zen home workout space
Plants make all the difference...


2) - Beautiful clever storage. Most of my Kin mats (perks of being Kin founder - I have several mats all over my house!) I actually keep rolled out at home, or visible in gorgeous baskets, as they're so beautiful they really add something to my home decor. Workout equipment like weights and bands etc. can be unsightly though, I've bought a couple of gorgeous boxes and baskets that look great, and keep the space clutter free. It helps if you can arrange your workout space near or next to shelving, thoughtfully arranged shelves can be lovely and calming.


Beautify your home workout space

Invest in pretty storage for your workout equipment...


3) Something spiritual. Your spiritual item can be anything from a candle to a framed picture of a loved one or 'teacher', a singing bowl or even an oil burner. Anything that will help you get a sense of why you stepped onto your mat, and that this 'you' time is precious, and sacred, and it should be taken seriously.


spiritual home workout area

A singing bowl is a beautiful spiritual item that can also add to your meditation practice...

4) Ritualism. Humans have, for centuries sought to develop and sustain ritual in all aspect of our lives. Rituals can give us rhythm, meaning, and serve as a reminder of our inner purpose and intentions. If you can cultivate your own rituals for your workout space, imbue it with meaning, I guarantee you'll be inspired to spend more time in it!


amazing home workout space

Sanctify your wellness practice...


5) Get Feng Shui'd. If Feng Shui is something that interests you, one of the cardinal rules for improving a space's positive, vibrant energy is to de-clutter. Getting rid of anything that's not there for a reason will, supposedly, help you feel fresh and energized. Some people also use the power of scent to inspire their energy or mood (an energizing essential oil like orange or peppermint can be lovely for up-beat workouts, and for more relaxing Yin practices, lavender or rose is gorgeous).

Stay tuned next week when we look at the best way for parents to keep a consistent Yoga practice whilst home-schooling.