What you practice on matters. Because if you're slipping around, wobbly and uncomfortable, you're not focussed on deepening your practice. You can rest assured that your Kin mat was Built by experienced Yoga instructors who know how to support your practice.



Kin Unique Tri-Layer Build:

Your Kin Yoga mat consists of 3 unique layers. The result of these 3 perfectly balanced elements is a grippy, comfy, solid mat with a sleek smooth finish.


1) Top layer EXTREME GRIP 'skin'

Finding the best grip possible was a major factor in our quest for the ultimate Yoga mat. Kin’s smooth skin-like surface provides amazing, natural grip in all Yoga practices. Oh and it keeps it’s grip, and needs no ‘wearing in’.

The closed cell nature of this surface also means there’s no friction to slow your flow; you’ll roll fluidly through your Vinyasas, and you won’t even scratch your toe polish.

Yoga mat technology


2) Air Pocket Mid-Layer

It’s a 4mm thick mat that feels like 6mm… Just under the surface skin we’ve added a unique fibrous layer of micro air pockets that provides a magical new level of comfort cushioning, without adding extra weight. No more sore knees in low lunge…

Cushioned Yoga mat


3) Stable 100% Natural Rubber Base-layer

The sturdy (sustainable) natural rubber base provides a secure foundation for your practice. It doesn’t curl up or slide around, it grips the floor the way rubber tyres grip the road; you can trust it. It's tensile strength also promotes rapid stabilisation, making this the ultimate mat for balance poses (so stable you can use it in dynamic fitness classes too).


Travel Mat Technology

Travel • Commuting • Layer On Studio Mat • Colourful • Festivals


Another treat for the senses…

Your Kin Travel Yoga mat is a foldable travel mat/towel hybrid with a sumptuously stroke-able top layer; microfibre instead of Eco-PU (and of course they are thinner at 2mm making them the perfect commuting mat).


Kin Travel Yoga mat

The Travel Yoga mat is just as stable and trustworthy, and with a velvet soft touch. Travel mats are great either on their own, or used like a Yoga mat towel to layer on top of your studio mat for more cushioning. Functioning superbly in hot or sweaty practices, they grip better the more you sweat! Ideal for the hardcore on-the-go Yogi.

We recommend purchasing one of our Bundles to get the best of both worlds...


All-In-One Mat Technology

Ashtanga • Flow • Hot Yoga • Colourful • Inspiration
Kin All-In-One Yoga mat
In love with our evocative inspirational Travel mat designs but need a bit more comfort cushioning? The Kin All-In-One mat is the gorgeous silky smooth microfibre mat at 4mm thick, with our signature Kin comfort cushioning. For home practice or in-studio, get #TheKinFeel with the All-In-One Yoga mat.