eco yoga mats


Kin was built by London based Yoga instructors. We were born from a genuine desire to bring the world a truly functional AND sustainable Yoga mat. Ethical supply chains and a truly 'planet Kin-d' ethos are at the heart of everything we do.


From the materials we use (100% sustainable natural rubber, bonded to a robust, long-lasting top layer 'skin' without the use of toxic glue, PVC, or inks) to the high quality, progressive factories we use, you can count on us to have cared about the welfare of our workers, and the planet through the entire supply chain.

Eco yoga mat

Our brand wouldn't be here were it not for the tireless efforts of our suppliers, and the factory that produces Kin Yoga mats. At the Kin factory there are frequent third party audits occur for welfare, personal and product safety, ensuring both toxic-free, eco mat production, and the happiness, fair pay, and welfare of it's workers.

sustainable yoga mat

We abhor the use of PVC as it is environmentally hazardous in production, use, and disposal. We committed many moons ago to forgo ANY PVC use, and we are also one of the few (possibly even the only) Yoga mat brand whose PACKAGING IS 100% PLASTIC FREE.


We also seek to 'give back' to the wild and wonderful nature and animals that inspire our designs - you'll notice several of our mats have associated animal charities who receive 5% of the profits when you purchase them.