Mat Care

How To Clean & Care For Your Mat


We want your Kin Yoga mat to last as long as possible. Just like with any product, the better you care for it, the longer it will last! Here are our tried and tested top mat care tips, to keep your Kin mat beautiful and functional, for as long as possible.


The Kin PRO Mat

Classic Kin Mat


Use a heavily diluted vinegar/alcohol or soap-based detergent. We have found the best cleanser to be diluted dish soap! Use a very soft, non-abrasive sponge, and treat as you would your own skin; any harsh chemicals or abrasion will cause damage over time. Avoid using any oil-based cleaners (including essential oils) again much like human skin, the Kin mat will absorb oil and soften, losing its grip, or sometimes even stain. Roll up surface-side OUT to keep the high-performance surface skin as smooth as possible.


The Kin Travel Mat

Travel Yoga mat

We know so many of you love to use your Travel mat in hot & sweaty practices thanks to its highly absorbent surface. Try to ensure it is fully dry before rolling up, so as not to breed bacteria. Please wash your Skinny mat with diluted dish soap, or baby shampoo (the intricately printed fibers are delicate). Again, think of treating it the way you would your skin - no harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges, and be particularly careful with your Skinny mat you don't 'over scrub'. If you're worried about hygiene, a diluted skin-friendly antibacterial/viral cleanser is fine, but wipe gently, and leave to dry before rolling up. If you find your Skinny mat picks up fluff, use a sticky lint clothes roller to remove. Rolling up surface side OUT will also likely keep the beautiful surface skin taught and fresh for longer.


Kin founder Laura teamed up with GET THE GLOSS for a full-length article on caring for all types of Yoga mat, which you can read here.


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