Our mission is to find a tribe of unique Yogis to support and collaborate with; we provide low cost, and even free rental mats to make your wellness events super special. Contact us if you teach a tribe of Yogis you think would love Kin mats as much as we do.

We also offer a 15% discount on all Kin mats for all registered Yoga teachers.


Kin Ambassador Kathy


Earn a FREE mat by getting Kin into your studio

1) - Ask your studio to contact us (hi@kinyogamats.com) requesting wholesale information / a consultation

2) - Get them to mention your name

3) - If your studio starts stocking Kin mats, we'll send you any mat you desire


Kindred Spirits

Our Kindred spirits program is our way of connecting with and supporting our Yogi tribe, and offering you a ‘side hustle’ to make a supplementary income to your teaching.

Our Kindred spirits spread their love for Kin to their friends, family and social network. For all sales made through your recommendations and unique discount codes, we will thank you with a competitive commission. You could also be awarded a completely free Kin mat for your personal use, as one of our most passionate Kinship members.