Dana is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates “donation,” “gift” or “giving away as charity.” In some schools of yoga and Hinduism, it is one of the duties or moral observances known as the Niyamas, or ethical guidelines that make up the framework of your Yoga practice.

Dana is a form of generous giving that expects nothing in return. Such giving includes donation of food, clothing or money to the needy, but it also includes offering gifts to family, friends and neighbours as an act of generosity — again, with no expectation that the recipient will reciprocate.*

Kin yoga mats charity collaborations

As a Yogi first and foremost, I've always firmly believed that to be good in business doesn't mean you need to lose sight of basic human kindness and decency. I wouldn't have started Kin Yoga mats if I had though I would need to 'harden' somehow in order to grow.

Some of the most wonderful moments for me this year have been the moments we connected with our Kin community, grew our ambassador program, and supported the frontline heroes that did so much for us all this year! 

Even as a fledgling Yoga mat business, there are still wonderful things we can do, and ways in which we can practice Dana.

We are now working in collaboration with 3 wonderful environmental and animal charities, to stay true to our oath to be 'Kin-d' in everything we do. 

I thought I'd expand on these charities a bit, explaining some of the amazing work they do, and why we've selected them to collaborate with.

You can shop the 3 charity Yoga mats below, and in doing so we will donate 5% of the profits to the below charities:


1) - Fauna & Flora International

As the world's oldest international wildlife conservation organisation, FFI is known for its pioneering work and science-based approach to conservation. 

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Purchase the Paradis mat to support Fauna & Flora


2) - Animal Welfare Institute

Another well established charity  dedicated to reducing animal suffering everywhere - in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, and home, and in the wild.


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Purchase the Mara mat to support the Animal Welfare Institute


3) - Plastic Oceans

Creators of award winning documentary 'a plastic ocean' this charity have a clear mission; to prevent plastic entering the ocean. As one of few brand to use a ZERO plastic packaging stance, this is a charity close to the Kin heart.

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Purchase the Halcyon Ocean mat to support Plastic Oceans



*Definition By Yogapedia