Hiring Kin Yoga Mats for your wellness event, workshop or retreat, is a wonderful way to add a little sparkle to it. Here are a few of our past events to inspire you. We believe first and foremost in comfort and function, but we also think it's important to set the aesthetic tone for your event; Kin Yoga mats help your clients drift away to soothing, twinkling Savasana dreams...
For unique corporate events we can also provide bespoke logo mats - Contact Us for more info.


Yoga mat rental
A beautiful day retreat for a stylish perfumier brand, our Halcyon sunset mats twinkled under fairy lights.
Yoga Mat Hire
We went wild at WE OUT THERE festival with a selection of our robust PRO mats.
Yoga mat rent
We supported one of our Kindred spirit ambassadors at her beautiful countryside retreat with a mixture from our 4mm mat collections.
Yoga mats hire
Another dreamy day retreat in a unique flower filled London venue using mats from our Safari Nights collection to evoke wild and sultry jungle...
Yoga mats to rent
This Yoga teacher needed high comfort cosy mats to enhance her art gallery Yoga Nidra session.
Hiring yoga mats
We kitted out this trendy east end warehouse for a special workshop for a London based Yoga teacher.